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August 12, 2006


Danielle in Iowa

These 100 things posts always overwhelm me because there are like 50 you can comment on. But I'll just say that I am 29 and don't have a real job :-) I don't think of it as pathetic, I figure I still have 40 years to work, so why rush? :-)


This is one of the more interesting '100 things about me' that I have read.

I love that you IM your grandma. She must be very cool.


interesting read! its funny that you posted it to august, ha ha. thats like something i would do too, heh.


Good stuff Audrey...now go study. ;)


hahaha, i never got to sneak out, I was the youngest... after all those years of covering for my two olders sisters: when it was my turn, I was on my own... I went to college for creative writing.... fiction writers are just elaborate liars :-)


That was really fun reading all those! I'm also honored, and in some cases, proud, to have been witness to a few of the points on the list :) By the way, I vote for more pictures on the website, especially ones commemorating these memorable experiences.


What an awesome post! I enjoyed reading it. I love hummus too and my .5 toenail is growing back slowly!

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